Sports items

  • 网球


    Tennis is one of ball games.The effective tennis court is rectangular, 23.77 meters long, 8.23 ​​meters wide for singles and 10.97 meters wide for doubles.There is a net in the midfield, and both sides of the game occupy one side of the court, and the players hit the ball with a tennis racket.

  • 棒球


    Baseball is one of ball games.It is a competitive event that uses a metal rod to hit the ball for offensive and defensive confrontation.
    Baseball originated in the 15th century, when cricket was popular in Britain.Later spread to the United States.In 1839, the first baseball game was held in Gupastown, New York, USA.In 1978, the International Baseball Federation was recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The International Baseball Federation established its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1994. In 1992, baseball was included in the Olympic Games.

  • 篮球


    Basketball is the core event of the Olympic Games and a physical confrontation sport centered on the hands.



  • 足球


    Football is a series of team sports that involve kicking the ball to score goals to varying degrees.Unqualified,footballthis phrase  Usually means the most popular form of football where the word is used.Usually called Football sport Including Association Football ( In some countriesCalled football);Gridiron football (especially American football or Canadian football);Australian footballRugby (rugby union or rugby union);And Gaelic football.These different forms of football have a common origin to varying degrees and are called football codes.