Guess responsibility

Guess responsibility

It is a formal website that provides professional sports games, online casinos, and online lotteries. We strongly recommend that all players maintain an entertaining attitude to face all games. It will provide all players with a comfortable and healthy gaming environment through the ultimate user experience, disruptive sports products, and ultra-localized personalized services. We hope that all players can adjust their mentality in time while playing games, and don't be overly addicted to the game and cause personal financial, career, family and other aspects to be affected. In this regard, we strongly recommend that you review your behavior, clarify and adjust your entertainment mentality, and devote yourself to normal life and work.

Over 18 years old

You must be over 18 years old (or not considered a minor in the jurisdiction where you live) to enter this website. Anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to open an account or place bets on our website. We will treat and deal with this issue in a rigorous manner.

Game problem protection

We strongly recommend that you regularly review your gaming behavior to check whether you are over-investing. If you encounter related problems, please enter the following test (anonymous game behavior test).

1. Have you ever lost work time due to games?

2. Does the game affect your reputation?

3. After the game, do you feel guilty?

4. Have you ever used the money won in the game to pay off debts or solve difficulties?

5. Has the game reduced your ambition and work efficiency?

6. After losing the game, do you feel that you must win back what you lost as soon as possible?

7. After winning the game, do you have a strong desire to win more?

8. Do you often play until you run out of money?

9. Do you borrow money for gaming?

10. Do you sell any objects for game use?

11. Are you unwilling to use "game money" to pay for normal expenses?

12. Does the game make you neglect the health and happiness of yourself and your family?

13. Do you spend more time on the game than expected?

14. Do you use games to escape worries and difficulties?

15. Are you committing a crime or considering a crime to prepare funds for the game?

16. Does the game make you have difficulty sleeping?

17. Does the dispute, disappointment or frustration surrounding you cause the motivation for the game?

18. Do you have the urge to celebrate good luck for the outcome of the game?

19. Did you self-destruct or commit suicide due to the result of the game?

20. If you answered'yes' to at least 7 questions, you may be at risk in the game. We strongly recommend that you seek family support or contact 24-hour online customer service, we will assist you in solving the problem.

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