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Football is a series of team sports that involve kicking the ball to score goals to varying degrees.Unqualified,footballthis phrase  Usually means the most popular form of football where the word is used.Usually called Football sport Including Association Football ( In some countriesCalled football);Gridiron football (especially American football or Canadian football);Australian footballRugby (rugby union or rugby union);And Gaelic football.These different forms of football have a common origin to varying degrees and are called football codes.




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The game is divided into two teams, each with 11 people (under normal circumstances, each team is allowed to change three substitutes during the game), of which there must be a goalkeeper.The whole game is 90 minutes, divided into two halves, 45 minutes in each half.The rest time between the first half and the second half shall not exceed 15 minutes.In the game, there is one referee and two sideline referees.In each half of the game, the referee can add extra time based on injuries and time-consuming substitutions on the court.If the match must be decided, if the two teams are tied within 90 minutes, there will be 15 minutes of extra time in the first and second halves.If the match is still a tie, a penalty kick will be used to determine the winner.

If the football completely crosses the sideline, a throw-in is awarded.After the player hits the ball out of his own goal line, a corner kick is awarded to the opponent.When passing the ball forward, there must be two opposing players between the receiver and the goal, otherwise it will be sentenced to offside.Players who foul in the penalty area will be awarded a penalty kick.If the penalty is saved by the goalkeeper or kicked to the goal post, the game will continue.However, in a penalty kick, if the football hits the goal frame and bounces back, it cannot be compensated.shooting.A free kick will be awarded to the opponent for a foul outside the penalty area.If the free kick point is close to the penalty area, the opposing defender can build a wall.A direct free kick can shoot directly,Indirect free kicks must be passed before the shot.In case of serious fouls and violations, the referee will show a yellow card for warning.If the offending player receives a second yellow card warning or malicious foul, the referee will show a red card and send him off the field.
The game time is divided into two halves on average, 45 minutes for each half, 90 minutes for a game.In special circumstances, both parties agree to other exceptions and implement the following provisions:

A sort of.The first half time was made up due to substitutions, wounded handling, delays and other reasons.The length of this period is determined by the referee.

At the end of each half or after the end of the game, if a penalty kick, corner kick, free kick or dribble enters the opponent's penalty area without completing a goal, the time shall be extended to the end of the offense.Unless the referee agrees, the rest time between the first half and the second half shall not exceed 15 minutes.

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