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Basketball is the core event of the Olympic Games and a physical confrontation sport centered on the hands.




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Basketball was invented by American James Naismith in 1891 when he was teaching at the YMCA International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts.Because the local area is rich in peaches, the children here also like to play the game of throwing balls into the peach basket.This inspired him to create basketball based on the characteristics of football, hockey and other ball sports.
At first, basketball games were relatively simple, with no restrictions on the size of the venue and the number of participants.The players are divided into two equal teams, standing on opposite ends of the court.After the referee threw the ball to the center of the court, players from both sides immediately rushed into the court to grab the ball and tried to throw the ball into the opponent's basket.Because the peach basket has a bottom, the ball stays in the basket after the ball is played.People must climb a special ladder to get the ball out of the basket.
With the continuous improvement of venue facilities, the basket has cancelled the bottom of the basket, replaced the peach basket with iron rings, and replaced the wire fence with wooden boards.The center line, center circle and free throw line were added to the field, and the game was replaced by the midfielder.The jump ball starts.At the same time, the players on the field are usually changed to 5 players per team, in order of guard, guard, center, forward, and left back.In addition, Naismith also formulated imperfect rules of the game, a total of 13 rules stipulating that the ball is not allowed to run, hold the ball, push, trip, hit, etc., which greatly enhances the fun of the basketball game and attracts more people's attention. People participate in games,

(1) The game is divided into 4 quarters with 10 minutes each. There should be a 2-minute rest period between the first and second quarters, between the third and fourth quarters, and before each deciding period.The intermission shall be 15 minutes.If the score is equal at the end of the fourth quarter, in order to break the tie, it will take a five-minute tie-break or multiple such five minutes to continue the game.In all deciding periods, the team will continue to play toward the same basket in the fourth quarter.
(2) Alternate ball control: Alternate ball control is a way to make the ball live by throwing the ball instead of jumping the ball.In all jump ball situations, the two teams will alternately have the right to throw the ball to the place closest to the jump ball situation.The team that did not control the ball after the jump in the first quarter began to alternate possession of the ball.At the end of any quarter, the next rotating team shall throw a throw-in on the extended center line opposite the scoring table to start the next quarter.

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