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Baseball is one of ball games.It is a competitive event that uses a metal rod to hit the ball for offensive and defensive confrontation.
Baseball originated in the 15th century, when cricket was popular in Britain.Later spread to the United States.In 1839, the first baseball game was held in Gupastown, New York, USA.In 1978, the International Baseball Federation was recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The International Baseball Federation established its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1994. In 1992, baseball was included in the Olympic Games.


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The corners of the baseball field are fan-shaped and require soft soil.The official competition venue is soil, and the outfield is turf (there are also turf venues, but the running route must be soil).The field should be equipped with a catching area, a hitting area, a running instructor area, a running base line, an area ready to hit the ball, an effective area (line) for the game, a home base line and a grass line.
The inner ball hitting distance is 27.43 meters.The distance between the center of the pitcher's leading edge and the home plate is 18.44 meters. .The effective range of the game is a wide range of baseball and the outside meter is not less than 18.29The side length is at least 97.54 meters.The distance between any point of the high top line and the home base angle cannot be less than 97.54 meters.
18.29 at the sharp corner of the home base. A blocking net should be set at the meter.The clear height is above 4 meters and above 20 meters.Set up a fence of 1 meter or more at the height of the site.

The "World Baseball Classic" is an international baseball game jointly planned by Major League Baseball and the International Baseball Association.The first competition was held in March 2006, and the second is scheduled to be held in the United States in 2009. It is planned to be held every four years.
In the first competition held in 2006, a total of 16 countries participated.According to the current schedule, the participating 16 national teams are divided into four groups, and the first round of regional preliminaries will be held in four places.One group is in Tokyo, Japan, one is in Puerto Rico, and the other two are in Arizona and Florida. The top two in each group enter the second round of the quarter-finals.The Asian preliminaries include Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and China.The competition was held from March 3 to 5, 2006;Puerto Rico’s preliminaries include Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama and the Netherlands;And the preliminaries in Arizona.The United States, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa participated;In the preliminaries of Florida, Dominica, Venezuela, and Australia,Participated with Italy.The above three groups of competitions are scheduled to be held from March 7th to 10th, 2006.
The quarter-final second round rematch was held in Anaheim, California and San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.The eight teams that have advanced are divided into two groups for a single round robin.The quarter-finals were held on March 12, 2006, and the top two of each group entered the third round of the final.The four teams that enter the semi-finals will each go to the elimination rounds.The competition will be held on March 18, 2006, and the winning team will be eligible to participate in the finals.The championship final will be held on March 20, 2006 to determine who will win the first championship.
The list of players for each participating team is set at 30, and each team must have at least 13 pitchers and at least 3 receivers;Major league players can also participate. Each major league team can support up to nine players to participate in the national team of the World Baseball Classic, so there may be as many as 270 active major league players participating.Of course, individual players still need the approval of the major league team manager to participate in the major leagues.In addition, Major League Baseball also requires each team not to affect the willingness of players to participate in the national team, and players also have the right to choose whether to join the national team.Finally, for the fairness of the game,

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